Hi, I’m Kevan Christine.

I’m an artist, writer, photographer, creative entrepreneur, crazy plant lady, and pug mama to my three beautiful kiddos Fergus Montgomery, Gracie Blue, and AnnahBelle Clementine (we’re big on grand names around here).

Five years ago, exhausted, sick, depressed, and not even knowing who I truly was anymore, I made a decision to radically change my life for the better. I was done with a life loaded with stress, toxic people and stuff that had no meaning and instead, wanted an existence based on calmness, kindness, minimalist things and people that mattered. So, I quit my stressful career and I began to simplify every aspect of my life; from my skincare and diet to my possessions and my friendships. I decluttered, I downsized, and I minimalized. I said goodbye to people who I could no longer embrace… and said hello to those that I needed. I embraced yoga and meditation… and then I fought it… and then I embraced it again. It was hard, there were highs and lows, there were a lot of tears and frustration. A life change like this simply doesn’t happen overnight, rather, it’s a lifelong journey that never has a completion date.

When I stopped living the way I thought I should, stopped buying crap that I was “supposed” to want, and completely stopped paying attention to what society was telling me that I “needed” to do/be/have to be happy, an amazing thing happened - I became calm, peaceful and truly happy. I started living my life - one filled with intention and peacefulness. A life-long Migraine fighter, a lot of so-called “important” things pale in comparison when you’re dealing with a chronic illness and it gives you the clarity that you need to see what’s worth fighting for and what can easily be let go. By simplifying my life, I have developed an extremely clear view of how I want my life to look like… even if that looks completely different from the rest of the world.

And now, no longer part of the rat race, I focus on doing what I love, both for my happiness and for my business. It’s wonderful, and busy, and fun, and weird, and never quite as structured as I would like it to be (which is a real “screw you” to my Type A, organizing, detail loving self) life. One that means I live exactly by my own rules doing what I want, while being a one woman show who needs rules to keep this ship sailing. The irony isn’t lost on me!

And now, seeking a simpler, more slow living existence, The pugs and I recently packed up our life, and along with my parents, moved out of the city craziness of Southern California to the slower paced, small-town life in the wonderful seaside community of Bandon, Oregon. Here we live on a beautiful estate amongst an endless amount of pine trees, take daily walks on our little beach, and drive twenty miles to get some of the best donuts on the southern coast (worth.it.).

There’s a lot of rain, a lot of wildlife and a wonderful small town kinship that beats the hell out of fighting rush hour traffic any day.

It’s a simple kind of life.


SHOP: I create and carry all natural, small batch eco-friendly lifestyle and home goods designed to help you cultivate simplicity in your life and home, allowing what is important to shine through. I believe that anything you put on your body or in your home every single day should be simple, multi-useful and support the well being of you and your loved ones.

BLOG: I write about my life of living simply with my pug kiddos, one that strives to be eco-friendly and as minimalist as possible, focused everyday on progress not perfection.

ONE ON ONE: I believe that in order to inspire true change, you have to get hands on. Therefore, I offer one on one sessions (in person and remote) to help you declutter, organize, and set up eco-friendly, minimalism practices in your home, business and life. For more information, please get in touch.

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